Community Associates

harmony through change

In tune with local Farnham groups

Frensham Vale Action Group (FVAG) Promoting sensible community planning to match the environment and infrastructure of our small rural area.
Frensham Vale Action Group (FVAG)

Performers Together cic - Working to bring a new performing arts venue to Farnham Performing arts groups, societies, schools and colleges in and around Farnham confirmed a real need for a purpose built centre for the Performing Arts, for all ages, for all the community.
Performers Together cic

Bishop's Water Meadow (Director) - Donations, advice consultancy, CRM database licence acquisition, implementation and design, website design and build - ongoing
Bishop's Meadow Trust

Kidsfest 2011 - Advice consultancy, CRM database implementation and design, website support - ongoing

Community Play for Farnham - Project based - CRM database implementation and design, website design and build - project closed

Cobbett's Wey Decorative Fine Arts Society (as Treasurer) - Advice consultancy, website design and build. 

Farnham Theatre Association - Advice, consultancy, website design and build, CRM database licence acquisition design and build, charity consultancy and donations - ongoing

Farnham Rep - Advice and consultancy for website - ongoing

Farnham Town Walks - Advice, consultancy, desktop publishing, website hosting and funding acquisition support - ongoing

Farnham Maltings - Advice and consultancy

Help Daniel Eley - Donation via charity run

A C Taxis - Website support and training 

Sutton Sports Foundation - director, advice and consultancy  

West Surrey Wine Society - Website training, support, build and advice  

Neighbourhood Watch, Frensham - publishing FV Doc