Community Associates

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Music to the ear for charities

Community Associates Philanthropy for organisations

Abbot's Hospital - Database acquire licences, design and build

Blue Ocean Foundation - Advice and consultancy - Charity run

Help Dan Eley - Charity Run

For Good - Advice and consultancy

Force for Good - Advice, consultancy and Salesforce (SFDC) work.
Force for Good

The Great Generation - Salesforce database micro-funding application, design and build.

Generate Enterprise cic (Director) - Business advice and charity consultancy.

Various Charity gifts - Santa Run - SANE - Woodlands Trust 38 Degrees - Citizens Advice - Action Organisation - Science Museum - Just Giving - Phillis Tuckwell - Guide Dogs for the Blind - MacMillan - Farnham Petition - CPRE - British Red Cross

Sutton Tennis Academy (Director) - Advice and consultancy.
Sutton Tennis Academy

Disability Snow Sports - donation via charity run

Employee Volunteering - Advice and Community Interest Company business consultancy

NPS Solutions - Advice and consultancy

National Offender Management Service - Home Office, Ministry of Justice, chairing regional team to reduce re-offending. Donation of time and costs

Voluntary Services Overseas - donation

An organisation which Community Associates supported with substantial donations of free time and significant further in-kind donations. Inclusive Finance cic - Community Associates helping dysfunctional individuals...